Wednesday, 25 February 2009

I bought clothes

not just clothes though...superhero clothes.
We don't get the great Junk Food T-Shirts in Britain but has started getting 'sugar daddy' T shirts and due in on Saturday is a DC direct T-Shirt both items feature 80's headbanded Supergirl. Now the headband usually gets a bad rep but it seems to be the costume the fashion designers love. (while the hotpants would be the one comic writers and artists favour)

So this is the Sugar Daddy T Shirt:

and this is the DC direct/Warner brothers T shirt:

To be honest I'm not sure what that one is going to look like. Who thought a DIAGRAM would be a good idea? I also have no idea what the white spots are. Maybe a lichtenstein effect. Well, we'll see when it comes. Which should be Monday, play usually send pre-ordered items out early rather than wait until the release date.

Other T shirts available are joker T-Shirts(one of which is £5), a superman shirt saying I love goodies, a wonder woman shirt which is basically the name in different colours

Batgirl in the wrong colours.


Wonder Woman
and the trinity: Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl. That colour scheme no no

The supergirl T-Shirt is the first DC direct/WB T-Shirt available and that fit's their fashion line plans outlined last year for the character's trademark. The fashion rights were given to a store not available in the UK so maybe play snapped them up instead? Other than that T-shirt which is pre-ordered the rest are selling out fast! Expect some to be only available in medium(12/14) and Extra Large (18/20)- and they were only released in January! That is good news though, it means more to come!
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