Sunday, 1 March 2009

Scans_Daily is dead! Long Live Scan_Daily

I'm not going to get into the copyright stuff. That's neither here nor there for me. What I liked about scans daily was seeing something or getting a good description of comics on a wednesday so I, in the UK know what to pick up on the thursday. Scans_daily also helped me with back issues I need to get my grubby mits on like Solo which came out years ago and the Infinite holiday special from 2006 (and I completely forgot about this years holiday special. Ebay must help me!) I would never have read Booster Gold without seeing how fun it was but not just in scans but the pure enthusiasm of the Blue and Gold fans.But I'm not depressed. Scans_Daily will survive in some form but I hope all of the members get the message of it moving. On LJ there is a comm called noscans_daily where you can talk comics with no scans which is better than nothing.

And no I'm not mentioning where Scans_daily is now. Peter David might be watching!
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