Monday, 16 February 2009

The Dynamic Duo

I got 2 Brave and the Bold issues through the post today, both featuring Batman and Supergirl. Issue 147 from Feb 1979 and issue 160 from March 1980. Back when comics were 15p rather than £2.15. I honestly can't wait to read them. The art looks great and the texture of the paper makes it feel comic-booky. They came bagged and boarded. Its strange, I believe comics are for reading and just keeping them in their plastic is an insult to the people that worked on them but when I get 20th century comic books I feel compelled to treat them with more respect than I usually would. I like to think I keep all my comics in good condition but mostly so that they don't fall apart but there is something about old, out of print comics that makes me treat the pages with more care.
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