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Final Crisis #7

Its 1.42 in the morning and I have a uni presentation I haven't written due this morning...oh and I've had a bit too much wine. With that in mind I've decided to write my review of Final Crisis 7!

A general disclaimer before I start. I like Final Crisis...sorry. I may be called elitest or whatever but I don't think it takes a Brainiac to understand what is going on. This comic is as much part 3 of superman beyond as it is Final Crisis 7. It begins with the extension of Zillo valla's quest to find the Supermen of the multiverse carried out by the Billy Batson of Earth 5. Firstly I love that Billy got such a pivotal role in this book. I prefer Billy to Superman so much. There is an innocence that comes from his youth rather than an artificial innocence they give to Superman. So the book opens with our first superman AKA Super-Barack. Its easy to call him super-barack now that he's won and I have no doubt the use of such a character was inspired by the election but we must keep in mind people in comics/tv have been using people of colour in presidential positions for years. He's joined by Nubia who could be considered a reaction to this article from November- even though she outdates the article. They meet Marvel's ship, the ultima thule as it breaks through the bleed.

I have to echo Renee here 'A whole ... multiverse and they all look like you guys'. Which is part of my problem with the 'Superman' idea. They are gathering the supermen and its intertextuual based on Superman being the 'real' start of the DCU. I understand that, but they are gathering all the characters based on Superman like Captain Marvel but they all aren't Kal-El. Not all have a kryptonian power set so what makes them a 'Superman'? Why don't we see the Superwoman from Earth-11 despite the fact she is an analogue of Kal-El? Why don't we see more Supergirls, Kara is arguably just as much inspired by Superman as captain marvel, if not more and definitely more in the Superman image than Captain Allen from Superman Beyond and what appears here to be Ozymandias. In the end the Supermen are assembled because they are the strongest team ever but why not make the team stronger by using Nubia and others of Superman's calibre. I don't want to scream sexism because I understand the 'image' of superman but the in-universe reasoning is lacking. Also there are more than 52 supermen and thats including the vampirised Ultraman, Superboy Prime and Mon-El (who should have been represented by a multiversial equivalent, Valor for certain) and as said before Superwoman of Earth-11 or Super-lad if a penis is a necessity!

So we go next to our next big theme, story. A theme more prominent in Superman Beyond than Final Crisis but lets roll with it. Lois, Jimmy and the Daily Planet is important here because they keep the story going. Supergirl tells the children inspirational tales before they 'go to sleep'. In Resist we see Black Lightning delivering the Daily Planet because it keeps the survivors hopeful.We see what would be the final issue of the Daily Planet, 'Earth Endures'. Almost an acceptance that the story is coming to an end. Its placed in a rocket with a miniture bat signal and one of Supergirl's capes before launching in a hope that their story will continue somewhere. This also links to the second idea in this comic. Time as relative. Imagine the time stream folding like a concertina. When compressed enough Darkseid has a straight shot from the end to the beginning and kills Orion. The Flashes can stop time by running so fast they match light, Superman can get the key to save the universe from the future and events an hour ago seem like days ago. The issue may not seem like it flows right or is in any kind of order but there is your reason. We readers have to put it together like a jigsaw because we are as confused as the characters.

The final theme I got from this comic is that of Science vs Religion. Darkseid would have all worship him, he is a New God he is brought down by a man made gun and the universe is saved by Brainiac 5's thinking and the creation of advanced scientific technology. The new gods where always an uneasy mix between science and religion. The mother/father box is the most advanced tech in the universe and it comes from the 'gods'. Metron gives Anthro knowledge which must seem like magic. Its not. These people are Gods only to those lowlier down the intellectual chain. I believe only Brainiac 5 could compete intellectually with a new god and we saw in the reboot how he idolised Metron. Brainy could be quite the apprentice for Metron. We also see how Superman writes the plans for the Miracle Machine, in Metron's chair. It is the God of Science, almost an oxymoron in itself that proves intrumental in Dax Novu's rebirth and the salvation of New Earth through his mark. The agents of the christian god are drained dry when they confront Mandrakk, though as they are dead to begin will I don't think this is an issue other than thematic repetition.

Finally some odds and ends. This issue concludes as the -Supermen, Green Lanterns and a Kara Zor-El toe New Earth out of the abyss. Seen that before? I have.
Is it coincidence that Grant Morisson once wrote classic who and is interested in writing more?

-I have no idea why Ultraman has Kara. Well presumably to feed on her but they never say why her. Maybe Mandrakk realises that a Supergirl is more fearsome than a Superman?
-The Green Lanterns collectively give a nod to Buffy-'Lets spike this vampire' rather than stake a vampire.
-We see the New Gods have returned, Mister Miracle's belief in the source seems to have paid off. Also Barda, an apokaliptan by birth is now judged worthy of rebirth with those of New Genesis. It is a judgement of evil based on individuals rather than species.
- It concludes with Batman taking over from Anthro upon his death, he's ALIVE. I don't actually care.
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