Sunday, 22 March 2009

I forsee myself pulling a lot more girls in future...!

Yes, you heard right! My pull list is going to be including some of the sexiest women around.

And this isn't even a comprehensive look at what DC has lined up for our female heroes. We have the perennial Wonder Woman, Power Girl, Wonder Girl leading the titans, Cassandra Cain in Streets of Gotham, Manhunter getting a back up story, Spoiler and the Birds of Prey in Battle for the Cowl, a yet to be announced Batgirl and The Question who will pop up in Gotham before long. Its no lie that female characters don't generate the sales the male ones do but instead of putting them back in the box like Marvel is doing DC is taking them out and playing with them. Keeping them sexy and powerful. I still could have done without looking down Oracle's shirt though.


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