Sunday, 19 April 2009

Ebay is my Hero

Back issue boxes are crap. Always have been always will be. There are only so many comics you can fit into those long boxes and finding a treasure once in a while does not make up for the search. I remember my friend Kerry and I in Travelling Man, sitting on the couch they provided trying to find the second part of the Supergirl/ Karate Kid issue I had missed. Ebay is a saviour as are online comic stores.

Here are a few of the gems I spotted at great prices

JLA 122 and 123. Look at that depiction of Kara! Nothing Skanky about this at all and this was in 2006! Jamal will be the first to say he's not the first to do that costume right and here is proof. That girl right there is fierce, I can't believe I missed these! (In the good old days of '06 I had no internet and just picked up my comics based on title rather than who would appear)

Remember the centrefolds and the posters they sent out to your comic store advertising New Krypton? Well I got one for the grand sum of 99p exc P&P. There are 4 more on Ebay UK and keep an eye out there were final crisis ones on there a few months back.

next up..

I got a pretty bashed up copy of Adventure Comics #397 from 1970 but I just had to have a dress up issue. Its a supergirl thing. If they do change her costume I hope they have a few extra pages of wacky designs.

and Finally

Copies of Supergirl 0 were going for the exact same price as my next deal. I got 4 issues of Superman/Batman which included the gender swap issue featuring Superlad and the Girls Night Out issue for the same price they wanted for the same reprinted story

Other issues I got include the 1997 pulp heroes Supergirl annual with the Legion. (there is still one left), Some Michael Turner variant covers (I just love sellers who don't know what they have is more expensive than what they are selling it for), and I've put in a bid for the famous Christmas with the Superheroes. All in all a good day and even with delivery none of these comics were as expensive as a modern comic. Considering most of us can only get to the limited back issue bins at the local store and not to conventions I think we can agree Ebay is a godsend.

(there are some Adventure Comics issues still going for 99p exc. P&P on Ebay Uk and remember to check if the seller will combine postage on mulitple items or do discounts.)

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