Thursday, 7 May 2009

Superboy Manip!


Hey everyone, time for a Superboy fanart. I went with the red and blue for my image rather than the red and black! Here is the more traditional Superboy suit as he wore it in Legion but to make it that little more Kon rather than Kal there is the Black Belt at the bottom (which I'm not 100% with but whatever)

This is my first attempt at spandex, usually I try and use real clothes to recolour or touch up so that it looks 'real' or realer than an obvious manip. On the plus side I am very happy about my attempts at spandex here. I drew around the torso and filled it with blue and set it to muliply. As you can guess he ended up looking like Nightcrawler rather than Superboy. I went to google and got a squared 3D texture. thats the best I can do on explanations and set it to soft light with a low opacity. It gave the blue substance. It looked like fabric!

One of the things I'm unhappy with is the logo. Its the Superman Returns logo and it looks so 'shopped. I have an ongoing battle with logos. They never quite work for me, I tried adding shadow and texture and playing with the burn and dodge tools. Not sure it worked though. Oh Well, I persevere. Another area I wanted to improve was the belt and the underoos. Are the underpants separate? should I add shadow? Should it look like the spandex is randomly coloured to look like underpants?! There has never been a good in-universe explanation as to why Superman does not understand the concept of UNDER pants. For the Cape I used a red cape I found on google. Looking at it now the light source is off on the bottom half. Oh again

If you want this as a wallie I have two sizes CLICK!

My Model here is Sean Faris, you may remember him from such movies as 'Never Back Down'
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