Friday, 8 May 2009

More Cosmic Adventures Please!!!

This week ends the 6-issue Johnny DC Title Supergirl:Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade. A series that has made us laugh and cry (its Ok you boys can admit it here, you are among friends). Its a condensed version of Supergirl history in 6 stunning issues. We have Streaky, supercat extrodinaire! Comet, the now no-pervy Superhorse, the multiverse that pre-crisis Kara died for, Bizarro Supergirl, Stanhope and even more references to Supergirl and DC history! This is the comic you give to people to show them what Supergirl is and its primary audience is children! Don't let that turn you away though, find a sister or cousin as an excuse to buy it or better yet slot it under your scantily clad cover of Emma Frost when approaching the check out! Ebay it! Mail order comics are all the rage these days as well.

Its the last 50 years of the character in one series but there is so much more to be told! We hear about Kara and the Legion but we never see it. There are many, many more villains for her to face. If you are hesitant about picking it up if you don't have the previous 5 you can pre-order the paperback!
Its out on December 8th so its the perfect Christmas gift. Buy one for your library especially School library!

But don't let my exclamation filled entry be the only source of advice, read some more articulate reviewers.

'On a scale of one to adorable, this is adorable. And a very positive comic for young girls.'

'These are potent childhood fears that provide welcome depth to the fluffy top layer, which keeps it all from being too grim. '

The twist on Streaky’s story fits in with this new vision of Supergirl’s universe and sets up a new major player in the storyline. I’m really hoping that this series can continue after the initial six issues. There’s so much stuff here, it could easily support an ongoing exploring the twists and connections of these characters. Plus, there’s a wealth of Super-continuity to mine for more material in the future.

I’m particularly bummed that next issue is the last one for this miniseries. I really hope that plans are afoot to keep this property going, because it’s another in a great line of projects from DC’s all-ages line.

From the school library journal- My suggestion: wait for the full, six-issue run to appear in trade paperback form, then purchase it for your favorite budding feminist. She’ll appreciate the smart dialogue, snappy artwork, and sassy-yet-vulnerable heroine, and you'll appreciate the lower price tag and more durable binding.

'think Buffy without the sex and violence'
'the cool thing is that the comic doesn't treat its audience like morons just because they're (mostly) young.
'It's craziness, and a whole lot of fun - I don't really know what else to say.'
' All-ages cute-and-engaging fun like this doesn't just happen, it takes genuine talent, so kudos to the creators for getting the mix of storytelling and weirdness right '- From Various reviews in From Heroine addict

'The first time I sent in my review of "Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade," my editors kindly sent it back with a note explaining that I needed to do more than just repeat the word "adorable" 350 times. ...And maybe we could have more than just six issues? Please?'

Enough?! Now come on DC, Don't be thick. We need more.
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