Monday, 18 August 2008

The World's Funnest!

Full Solicits are here and an hour early! Which means I get to natter before nap time in the UK. Firstly what caught my eye- Supergirl and Batgirl team up to take over the world! Wait the world! thats better and they brought their pets along too. Just yesterday I was saying on Livejournal that I missed Kara and Barbara's team ups. True they were few and far between but they really sparked. Batgirl and Supergirl have become a notable tag team even though they never had the pages to back it up. Its all about the image of the female counterparts kicking butts in place of the men. In fact I'm almost certain there is an elseworlds tale of the two as world's finest

[Nikki goes off to check]

ahem, yes... Supergirl/Batgirl: Elseworld's Finest although it doesn't make clear if this world is in the new multiverse. Bring on the infinite universes I say!

We need more Babs and Kara, really. I would love for them to get close post crisis but feel Black Canary has usurped her place in Bab's life. Oh well, I can deal with it in other continuities like the DC animated universe and Johnny DC.

For all the other Bat/super fans out there how about some scans...
click to embiggen

The World's finest are out of a job! The ladies Scheme. A classic example of both superdickery and batdickery in one playful cover

Batgirl is powerless and fears for her life in the cosmic catastrophe that was Crisis on Infinite Earths. Kara is there to give her friend support but not 100% succeeding. Of course Kara was the one to die eventually which this page foreshadows. Batgirl is on the iconic cover of COIE #7, one of the most visibly moved. Her friend she could talk to about her superheroism is gone but she will never be forgotton...(until editorial forces the DCU to that is! bitter...absolutely!)

Lastly, an admirable attempt in the post crisis canon to show up the classic duo, This is clayface impersonating barbara as batgirl. I was satiated by this but can't quite remember which issue it came from

In JSA we are currently seeing the Earth-2 Equivalent of this friendship. Powergirl Kara Zor-L and Huntress Helena Wayne. In fact in the annual there was a rooftop discussion which reminded me heavily of the COIE conversation.
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