Saturday, 16 August 2008

Reading List...

My hardcover book of Meltzer's Lightning Saga arrived this morning. I was extremely impressed by the service from the Amazon selller as I'd only bought it early yesterday. I'm still waiting for my 'Superman and the Legion of Superheroes' to show though. I'll give that until Monday.

It seems the right one came first though as I've flicked through. It seems that its a slow re-introduction to the pre-crisis Legion. Slowly the consequences of Crisis on Infinite Earths are being eroded. For the Legion this is especially good as that's where it started to fall apart to begin with. Crisis was a stunning story and part of that was its lasting effects but I feel the loss of Superboy and Kara was too great.

I'm excited to really get into this story as I've heard so much good about it. First impressions leave me disappointed about the characters that are focused on. I had grown to love Karate Kid during Countdown and I hope that continues but have never been interested in Nura Nal in any incarnation. The story serves up the second string of the Legion in my eyes with Brainiac 5 as the cliffhanger into the bigger story.

My anticipation for Legion of Three Worlds is growing exponentially. Speaking of that updated their front page with the Lightning Lad cover.

Coming up if all goes to plan are reviews of Action Comics #868, Showcase presents Supergirl vol. I and Final Crisis #3. Starting Thursday I should get into a regular pattern of new releases.


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