Monday, 18 October 2010

A Storm's A' Brewin'

Lets look at Supergirl 60's cover. Pretty huh? So, what is all the fuss about the pink S? Here's the fuss. Supergirl has never worn, nor been published under a pink S. She's red and blue baby! However in this new series of covers she can't be red and blue because Superman is red and blue. What a conundrum! I can imagine DC editors sitting around and thinking Long and Hard about this problem. Do they just use the same logo? Do they invert the colours? No, they said. We'll make it pink. Why pink? Could it be because 'Girls like pink'? I know what you are thinking 'I know a girl who likes pink, what is the big deal?'. The big deal is that some girls like pink, by going with an artificial gender binary DC are suggesting girls=pink. Not some girls, all girls. Who doesn't get attached to their baby blankies after all? What man hasn't seen a blue toaster and said, its blue it must be for men! You see the problem.

You don't see the problem. Well, look at the switched logos. What does a pink S tell you about Superman. Superman looks peaceful, serene and contemplative. He's gentle. Some might say he's effeminate. Some may wonder whether its for a breast cancer charity. Others might say they finally realise why he's a gay icon.

Supergirl with her real logo, loses this grace and the bold colours bring something different to her pose. Its confidance. She's looking right at us like she's prepared and able. Not to mention she finally realises that her red S goes with her cape for a snazzy cover combo. She looks like Supergirl. Its odd what one logo can do and how colours affect our perceptions but there you go.
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