Saturday, 25 July 2009

Linda Lang and a question.

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The Simplest manip ever, just give her some glasses, a visitor pass and the hint of a suit. This is an element of a project I am planning to celebrate Supergirl's 50th year. Remember Ed Benes' Supergirls? Well I hope to have my version done in time. I wonder though, I know that I imagine Power Girl and Andromeda with Kara's face. Dopplegangers from differing timelines but do other people? Its a strange thing. However all Supermen look the same as we've seen, why shouldn't the Supergirls? I would think Matrix looks different due to the Lana thing and Linda Danvers doesn't look the same.

I'm thinking for hi-res body reference that Taylor Swift may be the best option so I'd love to hear responses on that. If only Taylor was an actress, she look like Kara so much.
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