Thursday, 4 December 2008

I've abandoned you all!

Life and studies continue to get in the way of Blogging but I want to keep this on life support for now.
So here is a little greeting during this advent month. I'll update soon I promise.

EDIT- Oh I remember what I can post. The manip that took me hours! Both the actresses were on Instant Star (they were sisters) so I promised when it was announced I would manip them together in character. (Alexz is playing Saturn Girl in Smallville in January)

I'm creating a little legion manip collection it seems. It goes with my Supergirl/Brainiac 5 Smallville manip. I still think Dohring is the perfect B5. He was such a glorious bastard on Veronica Mars.
If you like those I have Laura as Supergirl in Widescreen and Standard Resolution wallpapers
and a season 1-7 Smallville cast manip wallpaper.
I don't watermark or tag my photoshops in the probably niave belief that people won't steal as their own. Feel free to use them its what they are made for. (and yes the Brainy/Kara one has done the rounds. I posted it on K-Site, SHH, Livejournal and now here. See it anywhere else and they've stolen it.)


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